Google faces charges of spying on employees to prevent rallies (report)

A number of Google employees have accused their company of spying on their activities, claiming that they have created a tool like a calendar extension to monitor any invitations or gatherings of 100 or more people they may organize.

This information captured through the tool from Google’s point of view indicates the intentions of those employees to protest or organize labor blocs, where Google’s owner Alpapet categorically denied the allegations.

The employees’ allegations came through a memo sent to Bloomberg, claiming that a top authority in the company had commissioned a special team to create and develop an extension for Chrome to be installed on all the company’s organs, a key role is to monitor the internal activities of employees.

Employees said the tool reports any employee who creates invitations on the calendar and sends them to 100 or more people, explaining that it is an attempt by the company to encourage any organized work or activity for employees.

The first discovery of the surveillance tool dates back to September, when the company’s privacy review team classified it as a concern, according to Bloomberg.

As a result, the panel discussion widened after they discovered that it was designed for compulsory installation on company devices and could not be removed. The circle of suspicion grew as a number of employees were denied access to special documents about the project.

For its part, Alpapet categorically denied the accusations, responding to the memo, which indicated to the site that the tool has been operating for many months in accordance with legal procedures and privacy rules, adding that the allegations about the operational and functional role of the tool has no origin.

She explained that the function of the tool comes in the light of alerting staff before adding automatic meetings to large numbers, denying the spokesman for her spokesman collected any such data or monitor invitations through the calendar, but the tool prevents random and unwanted calls.

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